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Vol. 4, no. 2, 2019




S. V. Novikov
Regional Press and Local Authority Structures: History of Its Establishment and Relations (1930–2000).
On the example of the Omsk Region

T. V. Glazunova, V. V. Germizeeva
About work of anti-bribery Commission under Omsk Provincial Council of national economy in early 1920’s          

E. A. Koshechkina
On activities of anti-Bolshevik governments during the Civil War in Russia     

M. A. Mamontova
Institutional changes in Russian historical science under conditions of social transformation in the end
of XX – beginning of XXI centuries: regional aspect (on the example of Omsk region)         

D. S. Orlov
Livestock breeding in Omsk region in second half of the 1960’s till first half of the 1980’s: trends and outcomes    

R. V. Rybakov
The threat of «regional trends» in organization of the youth movement in Siberia in the 1920’s         

V. I. Teterin
The agricultural work of the Perm Zemstvo under regime of A. V. Kolchak         

A. P. Balachenkova, D. I. Petin 
To the issue of cooperation project between Imperial Russian State Papers Manufactory
and Partnership of Typography «A. A. Levenson» during the First World War        

M. S. Nosova
Features of childhood in rear Siberian city during the great Patriotic War (on the example of Omsk)         

Hystory Name 

M. V. Krotova
Ivan Adrianovich Mikhailov in emigration in Harbin 


A. V. Nekhaev
English derby in philosophy: John Locke versus Derek Parfit     

N. V. Nikolina, A. E. Strelyaeva
The classical and modern sociology of knowledge: paradigm approach         

Pros and Cons       

R. L. Kochnev
Analytic of Existential: Tragedy of Personality

D. Parfit
Personal Identity / trans. from Engl. R. L. Kochnev 


O. P. Kuznetsova, D. Yu. Smirnov, V. V. Kuznetsov
Methods of state support of real estate market and its classification   

М. А. Miller, T. I. Golofast
Contextual methodical approach to adaptation technology in the processing production 

T. I. Gordiyevich, P. V. Ruzanov
Monetary policy: main modes and transmission mechanism         

K. V. Nefatova
The development of industrial parks in Siberia: problems and solutions         

A. L. Tkachenko, O. G. Sheveleva
Risk assessment in investment project         

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